Car Batterys Applications


Our batteries are specified to meet OEM requirements or greater and we provide specialist fitment of all automotive batteries. We can meet you battery budget by offering a good battery, better battery or best battery range.

These battery technologies are designed to suit all applications including:

  • passenger vehicle batteries
  • stop start car batteries
  • SUV and 4WD batteries
  • heavy commercial truck batteries
  • motorhome batteries
  • caravan batteries
  • camper trailer batteries
  • golf cart batteries
  • scissor lift batteries
  • forklift batteries

MUSTENERGY Start-Stop batteries with EFB technology are perfect for vehicles with a standard, entry-level Start-Stop function.When the engine is switched off, they provide the vehicle’s electrical devices system with a reliable power supply and ensure that the engine restarts in a fraction of a second. Furthermore, they boast twice as much cyclic stability as conventional batteries and can be more discharged without any loss of functionality.

EFB technology Benefits

Extra Long Service Life

High density active material and optimized particle size for longer service life

Start / Stop

Special negative additives are added to reduce the shrinkage of active materials which increases charging acceptance

Extra High Performance

Small-sized windows of the expanded grid lowers resistance and improves conductivity for consistently high performance

Higher Durability

Optimized negative grid alloy inhibits corrosion. and prolongs the battery life cycle with a high depth of discharge

Higher Depth of Discharge (DoD)

Suitable for additional electrical load prevalent in modern vehicles to give you the extra power needed

Rugged Polypropylene Case

Car batteries are packaged in a rugged polypropylene case that is rigid enough to protect the internal components as well as being resistant to oil, gasoline and other chemicals.

EFB Technology for Cars

MUSTENERGY offers enhanced flooded battery (EFB) products that deliver superior reliability and performance compared to standard lead-acid batteries for automotive and commercial vehicle applications. EFB batteries support applications that operate at a partial state of charge and don’t require the deep-cycling characteristics of an AGM battery. A polyfleece scrim material, added to the positive plate surface, makes this possible. This helps to stabilise the active material of the plates, which increases the endurance.

EFB batteries Benefits include

Support for a high number of engine starts and extended engine-off periods. Improved charge acceptance compared to conventional flooded batteries. Designs available that improve thermal stability for use in engine compartments and hot climates. Ideal for start-stop vehicle technologies without regenerative braking technology and for vehicles with higher-than-normal energy demands, whether that means a tougher drive schedule or multiple accessories and equipment installed.


Since MUSTENERGY’s establishment in 1999 as manufacturer of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries,
Car batteries, and Lithium batteries (LI-ION).


Our general purpose, high rate, deep ycle and fire and security lines in 2V to 48V and 2 to 100 AH VRLA battery ensure you have the right battery for every need.


Whether you are driving your very first car, you own a vehicle with start-stop functionality, or you drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy demands, MUSTENERGY battery offer the power you need.


From laptops and cell phones to hybrids and electric cars, Lithium-ion battery is growing in popularity due to its light weight, high energy density, and ability to recharge.