Li-ion Batterys Applications

Power Lithium Iron Battery Applications

Pure electric buses, minibus ,cars or other electric cars (police patrol cars, electric sightseeing cars, farm vehicles, electric scooters), solar and wind hybrid street lights, electric forklift, military equipment solar energy station, communication base station etc.

Storage Lithium Iron Battery Applications

Photovoltaic Power Plant Energy Storage

The maintenance of Lithium ion battery energy storage power plant is simple, with high capacity, photovoltaic power generation access, can realize the cut peak and fill valley load compensation, thus the power application quality is improved.

Communication Base Station

Product Advantages: The service life of the battery is 6 times longer than the lead-acid battery used on the base station originally;No memory effect is more suitable for the use of floating charge;High, low temperature performance is superior, which can be applied interior and exterior in different regions;Can thoroughly solve the pollution problem caused by batteries.

Solar-Wind Hybrid Streetlight

The power is generated from solar, wind and other green energy and will be stored in a lithium iron phosphate battery. At night, it is applied in outdoor lighting, road lighting, also it can be widely applied in remote mountainous areas, pastoral areas, islands, border posts, weather stations, radar stations, field operations and the lack-of-power supply places. Meanwhile storage batteries applied in peripheral facilities are also developed and produced, e.g. solar energy traffic sign storage battery, lawn lamp etc.

Lithium Ion Cylindrical/Polymer Battery Applications

Communication Equipment:

Cordless phone, mobile phone, fax machine and so on.

Electronic Equipment:

Laptop. PDA and portable fax machines and so on.

Audio-Visual Equipment:

Cameral, portable audio, MD player, portable DVD and VCD player, wireless speaker and so on.

Power Supply:

Standby power for communication room and base station; Field work emergency power, airport battery car and other workplaces away from city power.

Other Applications:

Electric shaver, electric toothbrush, massager, portable vacuum cleaner, solar and wind energy storage, emergency light, warning light, lamp light(good in safety), small medical equipment, portable instrument and so on.

Li-ion Battery Pack Applications

There are many different types of electronics applied in customer's daily life, such as power bank, LED, HID lamps, digital products etc. and the batteries in those electronics are all battery packs assembled by individual cells in series and parallel connection.

Traffic Lights & Communication Facilities Power Battery Pack.

Custom Electronics Battery Packs

Batteries in bikes, E-scooters, Balance vehicles etc.

Portable E-tools Battery Pack.


Since MUSTENERGY’s establishment in 1999 as manufacturer of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries,
Car batteries, and Lithium batteries (LI-ION).


Our general purpose, high rate, deep ycle and fire and security lines in 2V to 48V and 2 to 100 AH VRLA battery ensure you have the right battery for every need.


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From laptops and cell phones to hybrids and electric cars, Lithium-ion battery is growing in popularity due to its light weight, high energy density, and ability to recharge.