Tubular GEL Battery


YUBSB OPzV tubular gel batteries deliver high capacity reserve power and deep cycle performance. A long service life of 20 years at 25ºC can reduce your maintenance fees and operating costs, and the high capacities give you more options to meet your energy needs.This range is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and other harsh environment applications.


The positive is tubular plate, it can effectively prevent the shedding of active material. Positive grid is casted by multiplex alloy. Alloy microstructure is of fine grains and dense, good corrosion resistance, long cycle life. The negative is pasted plate, grid structure is radial, which improve active material utilization and large current discharge capacity, charge acceptance.


The polymer microporous separator with low resistance and high porosity is adopted. It has more storage space for electrolyte and higher affinity with gel electrolyte, so the batteries have a longer cycle life.


The main material is made of fumed silica imported from Germany, it is dilute sol when just injected, it can fill the plate space completely and make the reaction uniformly. The flooded design can avoid the electrolyte dry up when the over-charged or under the high temperature. It is of high heat capacity and good heat dissipation, thermal runaway will not occurs. The electrolyte shows as a gel state in the battery without acid flow, leakage and acid stratification.


Made of ABS material, which is of corrosion resistance, high strength, beautiful appearance, high sealing reliability without risk of leakage.

Terminal sealing

The embedded cooper terminals are of good current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance. The unique double sealed structure can avoid the leakage, ensure the sealing reliability.


Technology is originated from Germany, which is of suitable pressure of opening and closing, high reliability, can avoid the expansion or break of the case, as well as drying up of the electrolyte.