Power And ES LI-ION Battery

Power storage

All materials in Li-ion battery are environmental friendly without poison, heavy metal and certified by ROHS. Throughout the process of production and use, lithium battery will not pollute the environment. Lithium battery is considered green battery worldwide which can totally replace the lead-acid battery and nickel cadmium battery. Lithium-ion battery has ever received the China environmental label certificate from CEC of the Ministry of Environment Protection.

Lithium ion battery energy storage technology 1s developmg rapidly.

The energy storage system with different types of batteries has been widely used in the industry, and the introduction of lithium ion battery provides a new choice.

Application of lithium battery energy storage ranges from small portable personal storage energy (such as mobile phone auxiliary standby power) to medium-sized household energy storage used to buffer green energy generated by a fan or solar panel till the large enterprises or public energy storage in different cases.

SOLABABA provides a full range of battery products to all those application fields.

Whether customers buy a single cell or a complete battery pack or subsystem,SOLARBABA will always provide customerS with design and technical support in the system integration of the whole process.

Max durability up to 15% More Starting Power, even in extreme temperatures.